Product Ranges

Back Supports

Back pain is one of the most common afflictions in the workplace. If you spend a fair amount of time sitting at a desk, you may start to feel back, neck or shoulder pain. Most of this is related to your working position – slouching, lack of support for your back and incorrect foot/leg position. The use of a back support which is designed to provide adaptable and comfortable support for the spine with a footrest can help to reduce muscle strain and fatigue during long periods of sitting and help reduce the risk of back tension.


Almost all of us sit behind a desk each day to work. The long term health issues can add up if you spend 6+ hours a day sitting at a desk – bad back, poor circulation in legs, sore neck, etc. The use of a footrest can help alleviate some of those symptoms by elevating your feet to a level that’s best for you, resulting in a better posture, improved circulation and all round comfort whilst sitting at your desk.

Mouse Mats & Wrist Rests

Computer use for long periods of time can lead to discomfort and even injury, particularly with the constant use of a mouse and keyboard. Some of the common problems related to mouse and keyboard use are pressure on the Carpal Tunnel, prolonged work with the wrist ‘bent’, using excessive force, gripping the mouse too tightly or in an uncomfortable position – all of these can lead to wrist injury. The use of a mouse mat and wrist rest can help prevent some of these problems occurring together with taking regular breaks from the computer.

Laptop Risers & Monitor Stands/Arms

Choosing the right location for your computer monitor on the desk or workspace can be a difficult decision. Yet if not positioned correctly your monitor can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, or even eye strain. A simple way to try and alleviate these symptoms is the use of a monitor stand or arm. Monitor stands/arms provide an elevated platform raising your monitor or laptop to eye level creating an ergonomic viewing angle to reduce stress on the back and neck, even over extended periods of working.

Sit Stand Workstations

We all know we need to be more active, but there is increasing evidence that we also need to spend less time sitting down. Studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism – which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. The easiest solution at work is the use of a sit stand workstation which allows you to alternate between sitting and standing at your desk. This together with regular breaks of walking can help promote a healthier work life.

Copy Holders

Many of us spend significant periods of time sat behind a desk each day at work and the long term health issues can add up, especially if you are constantly having to turn your head downwards to look at a document. This is bad for both your back and neck, and over time can lead to strain, fatigue, discomfort and headaches. However, the simple introduction of a copy holder can alleviate these symptoms as the document is placed close to the active area of your screen, thus allowing you to read, write or type at a comfortable level. This improves posture by keeping your neck straight, and removing the need to twist or bend forward.


Contour Ergonomics provides a practical, professional and trustworthy range of affordable ergonomics. The selection of sit stand workstations, anti-fatigue floor mats and monitor arms will help improve motivation and productivity in the workplace. Together with the use of mouse mats, wrist rests and footrests you can create a workplace environment that promotes a healthier wellbeing for you and your staff.