Businesses need to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to protect their employees against workstation related injuries in the workplace.

One prominent way to ensure this is by utilizing the DSE (Display Screen Equipment) workstation assessments.

It is estimated 39% of workers in Europe have never had a DSE workstation risk assessment despite it being a legal requirement.

When a DSE workstation assessment has been completed using appropriate ergonomic products such as footrests, backrests, monitor risers & wrist supports, it will determine a pro-active way of reducing the risk of an individual developing workstation related pains or injuries.

One recent development in the world of ergonomics is the arrival of the sit stand workstation that allows the users to quickly and productively move from working seated to a standing upright position. The Contour Ergonomics Sit Stand Workstation (see below) is designed to increase your blood circulation and metabolic rate which in turn can help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight and stress. Physiological changes in the body can begin to happen after approximately twenty minutes of being static. The healthiest way to work is to engage in a healthy cycle of motion that introduces movement to break up your position into twenty minute segments

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